Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laugh and Smell Roses

If you haven’t taken time to smell the roses or laugh lately, try to recall a time when there may have even been no words, when you and your friend saw something or remembered something at the same time, and just busted out laughing so hard you laughed yourself hoarse? How about a time before America’s Funnies Home Videos when you saw someone slip on the ice and go down kinda hard then he looked around to see if anyone was watching, and you tried so hard to not laugh at him, tears streamed down your face instead? Committed to your memory may be a time when you watched your baby roll over off her back to her belly the first time, or how proud you were when she took her first wobbly step. If recalling any of these simple memories can bring a smile to your face, you have “smelled a rose”.

I haven’t been on line reading posts, blogging or surfing. My daughter was off for Christmas break, so I figured it best I just step away from the computer while she was home, so I could spend my time with her. I do believe it’s the first time in a very long time I took time to “smell the roses”.

You ever laugh so hard, no sound comes out? The past couple weeks, we did. By the time the laughter sound came, tears were streaming. Time spent may not have been out and about Doing or Spending, but it was time spent. Definitely not time wasted. We both re learned how fun each other can be. Playing video and board games. Baking cookies from scratch. Talking. Joking.

Puppies have a healing quality and joy effect all their own. Watching my daughter with the neighbor’s puppies, not only the amusement they bring, but witnessing and detailing in my mind the exchange of good, loving feelings of pure happiness between them brings me enjoyment too.

Smelling the roses. Ahhhh, they smell good.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing. I am greatful to hear from you. More than anything, I am greatful to hear that you are laughing, spending time with your family, and that you seem to be finding joy in your life. Life is wonderful, painful, difficult, harsh, joyful, and over in a moment. KEEP LAUGHING, KEEP FIGHTING, And always fight to laugh. as always, love and prayers, Gayle

Jennifer Bunker said...

Well hello! I'm not sure how I found you, but I am a sista in the DCIS high-grade comedo type cancer. I loooked through your blog and am happy to know you! Just wanted to post my support to you so you know I'm here for you.

Keep kickin' it girl! I eat green too!

Love, Jen B.

Carol said...

Good to hear from you too! I've only just begun to enjoy things. Trying to get things done.... I've neglected many things. Including you. Which I never meant to do! You are on my mind every day. I love and miss you.

Carol said...

Jen B.,
There is an odd bond through cancer. A club no one wants to join, but one where everyone seems to possess unspoken familiarity. ((found your blog, and I agree, 2008 can take a hike))

Thank you for the acknowledgement & encouragement.
Back at ya sista!