Friday, February 6, 2009


Boy oh boy, those biopsy needles are something...Going through your neck.... ew ew ew...

I received the results from the second thyroid biopsy. (have no clue what happened to the first results with a different doctor, they never called or forwarded to my oncologist.) After all I have researched and doctor conversations, I’m not surprised it came back benign. I expected it actually. It could really be benign or it could be misdiagnosed. Which seems to run rampant. It seems to be a tricky thing these little thyroid follicles and tests they use.

Please do not perceive me to be acting as negative or a “downer”. Yes, of course I’m happy to hear the word benign. On the other hand I’m just not 100% convinced. I may never be. (Had I taken the initial word of a doctor a year ago, and not gone with my instincts, I seriously wouldn’t be here today.) However, I carry a light heart. It just doesn’t feel urgent to me at this point and I’m going to continue to appreciate and enjoy what I have. “This much” more time to enjoy my life and the people I love and the wonderful inspiring and encouraging old friends and new.

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soulMerlin said...

Hi Carol ~ You just have to go on, one step at a time. your instincts, but remember as I know you must, that your mind gives well or ill signals to your keep thinking 'well'