Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yes Sarah, there is a St. Nic!

(disclaimer, I am NOT “dissing” Jesus or God. Just giving my understanding of Santa vs. St. Nicholas.)

The lines are blurred at Christmas… Christmas is all Jesus. There is no doubt there.

But there IS actually a St.Nicholas Day. When my daughter began questioning “Santa”…. The below is what I told her and WHY.

Below is a piece I wrote which appeared in a book a friend of mine wrote.


Many people believe spirits can orchestrate or manipulate situations to have an outcome for us that can make us take notice or open our eyes to an opportunity we may have otherwise missed or ignored. It’s all around us. You only need to recognize it.

Is Saint Nicholas real? What about Santa Clause? Over many years these two have been blurred together. Santa Clause is an idea. Dare I say, propaganda. St. Nicholas however, was an actual person who truly performed charitable deeds and was granted sainthood. He is still in existence as spirit just as we one day will. I use the word spirit as living entity. Not merely an ideal in one’s heart.

My daughter is a kindhearted, intelligent child. When she obtained a certain age she began questioning Santa Clause. I didn’t want to be untruthful, misinform, nor did I want to damage the enchantment of this supernatural entity. There is actually a truthful balance to this mystical being. He undeniably lived on this Earth; Yet continues to be present as a spirit entity. Spirits (with the help or approval of God) can orchestrate events or a simple moment which can lead us to where we should be or assist in what we need to accomplish. I explained to her St. Nicholas was indeed authentic, and gave a brief synopsis of his selfless achievement.

A seemingly simple, yet fantastic example of spirit orchestration was one of the impossible items my daughter had on her Christmas list. A Criss Angel doll. It didn’t exist. In wanting to preserve the enchantment, I set out on a quest that lead me to Magical Dolls almost effortlessly. Hmmmmm. Magical. I found it takes months to special order one of these amazingly realistic dolls. However upon contacting the Artist “something” inspired this wonderful, personable, caring woman to not only take on the job with only 2 weeks left on the clock, but to enhance the awe for a child by sending a handwritten note from “Elf Brigitte” on the most beautifully hand sketched angelic type fairy stationary. Something lead me to Magical Dolls. Something inspired Brigitte to go out of her way, take my daughter’s impossible wish and turn it into charming reality. Something. Something I give credit to not only her kind heart, but to spirit for leading me to her. Yes Sarah, there is a St. Nicholas. He lives in the hearts of everyone who helps others. He inspires them.

My daughter continues to question me each year. Her lists are always very short, but they began innocently containing at least one item she would dream up that didn’t exist. And thus began the series of “tests”. “It doesn’t exist, but SANTA can make it. Can’t he?” That item of course would be at the top of the list.

This past Christmas List, had something on it. Something ever so simple. Simple, yet completely out of human hands… Snow. She longed for oodles of snow at home. Enough to snowmobile on. She had taken and passed her safety class which would allow her to drive one, even though we had not had enough snow in years passed, nor enough money to take a trip. There was no choice but to place that request in the hands of God and his celestial helpers. She wanted snow so badly even if it wasn’t enough to snowmobile on, she at least was hoping for a White Christmas instead of the muddy ones we’d been getting.

Miraculously, just before Christmas, we - were - dumped - on - with - snow! More then enough! Not only did she get her White Christmas, the snow stayed in tact and she was able to snowmobile… a few times! This was something money truly couldn’t buy.

A hope and a wish in one’s heart. A seemingly impossible mission, became exonerate reality. An unachievable event, materialized.

Faith, hope and dreams. Enchanted mysticism restored. Doubt erased. In her heart and in MINE.

He can help to orchestrate events… and he lives in the kind hearts of others willing to lend a hand to another.. and sometimes make the impossible, possible.

Yes Sarah, there really IS a St. Nicholas!


Ice Angel said...

What a great story Carol! My kids are starting to question too! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and your Christmas is filled with love and peace!

soulMerlin said...

That is truly a co-incidence of spiritual proportions for me. I have just returned from an Indian restaurant and I was in conversation with a Muslim waiter...I found myself saying that the true spirit of Christmas was Santa Clause and the spirit of love and giving...and then I came home and read your post.

Merry Merry Chrismas and Love


Robin Easton said...

This is soooooooo beautiful it just moved me to tears. What an astounding miracle for a not JUST a child but for any of us. I feel you are so so right to foster the belief in miracles. I think the more we believe in them the more they happen. I agree with what our dear friend Henry said,"...the true spirit of Christmas was Santa Clause and the spirit of love and giving..." I just sooooooo agree with that.

I am just so happy that there is one little girl in the world who being allow and even taught the magic of miracles. As adults we give on miracles. It's why I always keep an open heart and turn my face toward the bright light of miracles.

You are a beautiful soul, so beautiful. Love, Robin


thanks for this good info