Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Electromagnetic, completely kinetic - music/part 2

“Experts” say, to help re-connect couples, they require “couple time”. Very true.
My husband and I found at least one concert a year truly benefits our relationship, bring us together, by partaking in something we both enjoy. Collectively, we have a wide array of musical interests.
One band we can’t miss has been hitting the circuit hard. Tesla. They’ve become our yearly fix. A necessity. I’ve lost count how many times we’ve seen them, yet it’s never quite the same. Never disappointing. In this age of concerts, it’s hard to imagine a great show without fire and explosives. However, these boys have… something. Something inside themselves they release on stage. There’s no need for glitz. They transmit energy, display enthusiasm, and ooze passion that out shines fiery explosives. There’s an element of freeness and playful attitudes that emerge, though they are serious musicians. While I’m no Plaster Caster or Bangor Sister, I’ve had my share and been around the block enough to conclude, Tesla is among the best live bands to grace your ears you’ll ever see (or rather, hear). The fans (the Troop) drawing from the expelled energy, are enthusiastic as well. Exceptionally friendly. Extremely loyal.

I was disappointed when Bobby and I missed Tesla last year, because my chemotherapy overlapped the concert. I felt pretty crappy. Not to mention it’s difficult to bang a bald head when you’re used to having a long mane to toss around. Our boys are back in town. Particularly close by at the Genese Theatre in Waukegan, IL (Friday, April 17th). I’m mending and motivated to be there front (and hopefully) center, and while my hair can’t be tossed, I at least have some cover. We have our Tesla tickets already. Click here to Get yours from Ticket Master HERE….

It’s not where you’re at, or where you’re coming from
When all is said and done, you can call it,
Heavy Metal, Hard Core, Punk, Pop, or Thrash
You can call it anything it don’t matter to me
Call it what you want.
It’s ALL music to me…”

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