Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Healthful benefits from music

If you don’t vacuum the rug for a period of time, it begins to get dingy. Dirty. Clogged with a web of dog hair and dirt from paws or the better half’s boots. So what do you do? You vacuum to get rid of the grime. Right? Music is like a vacuum. While it may seem to have nothing to do with health or spirituality, it actually has a very direct connection for many. It “cleanses the soul” paving the way for healing, reconnection and enjoying life around you.

When we have a “happy soul”, we carry a positive attitude, which then allows the body and mind to heal and be fed with life around us. Recent studies show, regardless of your musical genre preference (it doesn’t have to be classical), if you like it… if it makes you happy… it has actual healthful benefits. Music breaks loose the crusty build up on a sour mood and begins to wash it away. Purging that crust, the soul is open to be nourished, by any positive stimulants around. Sunlight. Refreshing Rain. A flower budding. A child’s giggle. The smile from a passerby. More music. It lightens the load we carry and revives us. It can assist us to heal physically. Stimulating by just making us feel good or finding upbeat encouragement. (Tracks like “Hang Tough”, “Gettin’ Better” and “I Want To Live”, I find particularly inspiring while combating cancer.) It holds befits for your heart, and is also valuable in pain management as a study from Glasgow Caledonian University shows.

“Experts” say, to help re-connect couples, they require “couple time”. Very true. My husband and I found at least one concert a year truly benefits our relationship, bring us together, by partaking in something we both enjoy. Collectively, we have a wide array of musical interests. I was disappointed when we missed our annual Tesla concert last year, because my chemotherapy overlapped the concert. I felt pretty crappy. Not to mention it’s difficult to bang a bald head when I’m used to having a long mane to toss around. Our boys are back in town. I’m mending and motivated to be there front (and hopefully) center, and while my hair can’t be tossed, I at least have some cover. Rock music brings us together. Christian music can inspire you to be closer to God. Opening your eyes to the very important spiritual relationship. “What You Give” & “Just In Case” (I don’t make it to heaven). These Tesla songs may not be played on Christian stations, they may qualify, displaying simple morals we all should have, along with a possible questioning of faith, which anyone with faith as questioned their own at one time or another.

Music releases frustration. It can be exciting, or can be a dear friend that understands how you feel. You can cry on its shoulder, let it take you somewhere else, be inspired or energized. Reducing the load, it can facilitate healing and reconnection with others. Revitalizing you and your relationships. Feeding your spirit.

Faith and God are the reason and heart of our souls. Music is the extra vitamins I need. Without it, I couldn’t stay balanced. So, when you begin to feel dingy or wound a little tight, vacuum. Plug in and turn up the volume of your favorite soul cleansing tunes and SHAKE OFF THAT DUST!
It’s not where you’re at, or where you’re coming from
When all is said and done, you can call it,
Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Punk, Pop, or Thrash
You can call it anything it don’t matter to me
Call it what you want.
It’s ALL music to me…”


Robin Easton said...

Hi dear Carol, I love this post as I studied with Don Campbell who wrote "The Mozart Effect" a book about the effects of music on everything from autisic children to college students to doctors offices. He actulaly breaks it done and tells about the various studies done on particular types of music and even particular songs. The findings were startling and now they sell music for this exact purpose.

This is so beautifull written what you have posted here. Every time I come here I feel like I've been touched by a truly magical soul. As you have jumped right our of my monitor screen and into my heart. You have phenomial energy about you. Eternal and filled with ancient wisdom. And old soul. I am moved by you every time. For that I am deeply grateful and thank you from my heart. Much love, Robin

Carol said...

Robin, that sounds like quite an informational read!
I can’t wait to read YOUR published writings! You are, and have been amazingly inspiring to me.

soulMerlin said...

"When we have a “happy soul”, we carry a positive attitude, which then allows the body and mind to heal and be fed with life around us."

Dear Carol ~ I have heard this before and I believe it fully...It's just that I've never read it so beautifully expressed.