Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poisoned. Our slow slaughter…

Dark clouds loom around us all…

moon,clouds,night sky

I do believe bad thing sometimes happen for a reason, a lesson to be learned not necessarily for the person directly inflicted, but perhaps for others related, or a remote person or people gaining wisdom from someone else’s misfortunate story. On the other hand bad things can happen to someone because of someone else’s actions. That’s a part of free-will given to us which we all possess. Often too many people choose to use their free-will unwisely.

With my cancer infliction, I never once asked “why me”. Many people do. I never did. I learned long ago that isn’t the correct question. But in the past years, I have wondered “HOW” did something happen. HOW, is my question so I might learn from it.

I’ve began a new journey on HOW. I intended to write about High-Fructose Corn Syrup and it’s serious consequences forced upon us, until I found an alarming story. One which paralyzes me with fear. One which makes me wonder, “how can the government knowingly allow this reckless practice to continue?” One which I hope will prompt everyone to discontinue dry cleaning services and put these places out of business. Any clothes I own that have been deemed “dry clean only” is an absolute crock of crap. I’ve done them all at home with my own hands and they’ve come out even better. I will publish this information in the next day or so. Much of Illinois is known to be effected. You too will be bewildered, and question “how can this be allowed to continue?” I hope we will all be prompted to act on this information and somehow in a clear voice stop this deliberate, unnecessary contamination which can and does exterminate life, eating away at us like a quiet and slow slaughter.

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