Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Flashlight Hazard !!!!

Do NOT use or give to children!!!!
Black & Orange flashlight with 6 stencils

(also sold in 3 pack of black, orange and green flashlights) FIRE HAZARD

This morning (10/21/09) I heard on WLUP 97.9 radio with Johny B a mother’s chilling story of a flash light that should have been fun turned extremely dangerous.

She played with the flash light for about 5 minutes with her 3 year old before bed. And another 5 minutes later, the mother smelled a very odd smell. Upon investigating, she found the flash light, in the OFF position, melted at the opposite end of the light (so it wasn’t heat from the bulb), it was the area of where the spring connects to the battery I believe she said, had burned through the pillow case into the pillow (it must have then fallen off the pillow) on to the bed and proceeded to burn through the sheet, mattress pad, leaving burns on the mattress itself. Her daughter was sleeping next to it. Had the mother not noticed the smell, it could have ended a very tragic outcome! She called and visited Target where the flash light had come from (in Crestwood, IL) When she went there, they told her “wow too bad” and “what do you expect to get out of this?” Not only did they never return her calls, they wouldn’t give her the information off the package so she could contact the manufacturer. She was not after personal gain. She wanted a RECALL so this doesn’t happen to anyone else’s child, or allow a worse incident. She did file with Consumer Products and they are “in the process of testing” the product. There is currently no recall. No information being given out.

This did not ignite at the bulb, but at the back of the flashlight at spring. This is seriously dangerous!

Again, they are Black & Orange flash lights with 6 stencils, purchased at Target in the ‘bargain bin’ (also sold as black, orange, and green flashlights in a 3 pack).

I will be back soon with updates for blog, I really wanted to get this out there to everyone that would purchases something like this at Halloween time for the kids.


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