Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nitrous oxide anyone?

You ever been in a house where you touch the refrigerator and either the kitchen sink or stove at the same time - and you get an amazing jolt of electrical energy? Well, that’s what it felt like when I had the PICC Line installed. They hit nerves along the way sending what feels like large zings of electrical shocks down the arm into the hand…. only you can’t stop it by letting go, you just lay there, inform them, to which you get an oh well “hang in there” response. I was calling it a Pick Line instead of PICC, which I think would be a better term for it when you feel like you’re getting “picked on”.

I used to have the kind of veins that anyone inserting a needle would just drool over. They were picture perfect great. And now they’ve have become hidden by swelling & weak making them apparently hard to work with. I was originally told they’d probably give me some type of sedation, especially since every thing that has any nerves in it seems to have become so over sensitive from treatments even skin.
But they opted only for a “Novocain” type shot. Geez even shots hurt now so much so that my palms begin to produce their own un-zen-ish waterfalls. I never had sweaty palms in my life.
I swear to god I’ve never been a big baby about this kind of thing. I’ve had more surgeries in the past 15 years then I can could on my fingers. I think my toes are about used up by now too.
Feeling of euphoria – that’s a welcome feeling
Hallucinations? I’ll work through that for the euphoria trade.
No veins, just breathe. Why can’t they use that?
Geez, give me an upright can of Redi Wip for me to suck on at least.

Why do humans have to "just hang in there"?

Anyone else have a story of a time they wish they had some kind of sedation?
dealing with children? boss? surgerical procedures?

Um.. yeah... no...
I want THIS 66666


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Gayle said...

Hey Sweetie - I prayed and prayed for you that whole day, hoping you would have an easy time for a change - I do not know why this has been given to you, but I know you are being prepared for something BIG - You have always been a helper and a giver, the truest of friends, the most dedicated of mothers, even before you had Sarah,(and I oughta know!) So now you are in the learning process to be TRULY USEFUL IN EVEN BIGGER AND MORE IMPORTANT WAYS- After all there is a big world in all kinds of pain out there - and I believe you are going to help change some of that with the experience and knowlege you are gaining through this fight. After all that is what you have always done for everyone you know - So Keep fighting,Not only do your family and friend need you, the world needs you

Ice Angel said...

LOL! I remember a gaggle of us 13 year old girls running into Jewel to each buy a can of Redi Whip and the people looking at us like we were crazy! We'd all run off behind the plaza and do our Redi Whip and laugh our buts off! Good times...good times...

I remember once as a teenager a dentist gave me the nitrous oxide and boy did I feel good! He gave me headphones to listen to music and I didn't have a care in the world. The problem was that I ended up having these crazy fantasies while under about the dentist (he was young and extremely HOT!) When he was done I got the heck out of there and never went back. I felt like he somehow knew what I was dreaming!!!

Susie said...

I've been non-existant in the comment area, but promise to be better, now that I will be UNEMPLOYED!

I remember getting bone marrow taken out of my throat, and the nurses were sitting on me, I was about 8, and I can still hear the sucking sound.. it was gross.

Carol said...

L-O-V-E the stories!!!!!
Keep 'em coming!

Carol said...

Wow. The world. That's one tall order. But thank you so much. For EVERYTHING!

Carol said...

OUCH! What a horrible memory to have! I'm so sorry!

Mary aka YRAM said...

Dear Carol:

You are a beautiful and intelligent woman. As you already know, try to focus upon getting the most enjoyment of each day. Worrying doesn't add a day to our lives, too much worry & stress reduces our lifespan. I am a breast cancer "warrior". I recently had a horrible experience with a PICC line which caused a blood clot throughout the vein in which it is inserted, so, I am not going to let the chemo continue since in my case, chemo was undertaken to "hopefully" prevent future re-occurences. Since the PICC is causing a whole new set of health problems... I have decided to channel my energies in enjoying my life instead of attempting to prolong it with such dangerous medicine! Besides, we (or anyone), can die tomorrow by getting in a car accident or some other kind of unknown tragic event.
Bless you and your family... I do believe in the power of prayer! Keep the faith!
from one cancer fighter to another!
Mary Potocska

Carol said...


Well thank you for your kind words. I do need that reminder of getting the most out of every day right now, feeling so crappy from the chemo as you well know. You are right, worry & stress are thieves we don’t need to invite into our lives. And I like your thoughts, breast cancer “warrior”. I don’t feel like a ‘survivor’ because I don’t think I’ll be “cured”, but rather learn to manage it. And feel more like a warrior. I too was thinking to myself, will I do this again down the road if they tell me I need more chemo? Two weeks ago I figured, no. I can’t do this again. It’s too much. Yesterday, I thought maybe I could. I’ll be on the fence on that question until that day actually arrives.

I’m so sorry to hear your PICC caused so many problems. And I too wonder why they didn’t ask you what you wanted. What kind of treatment were they giving you?
With some hope, luck, faith & prayers, your cancer is gone and perhaps what treatments you did receive could be just enough to help that!

You are right. The power of prayer is phenomenal.
I will send extra prayers for you.

Hugs & prayers to you Mary, enjoy enjoy enjoy