Monday, May 19, 2008

so sorry

I’m sorry to everyone I have not called.
I’m sorry to everyone I have not called or e-mailed back.
I’m sorry to everyone I have not personally thanked for the kind

things you’ve done or sent or the prayers.

(I immensely appreciate every card & well wishes, prayers & cookies…. Everything I receive I am truly thankful for deep in my heart.)

Just when I feel I’m gaining some bearings and maybe can begin to concentrate on those things, the rug gets pulled out from under me and I lose my ground.

It is really hard to “stay positive” when you get beaten back down. There are days when I really want to smack someone that says “keep positive”. But there are days when I REALLY need to hear it.

((I’ve had some setbacks.))


Anonymous said...

Don't you ever say your sorry, were glad you have the blog to keep up with. Hang in there.........

Love Ya
Boss Lady

Anonymous said...

To my favorite cousin :)
I love you so much!!! You know you will beat this, Carol-!!
What a blessing you are to others in a similar situation as yours and to your family :D
God wouldn't make you go through something you couldn't handle. Clearly you are a beacon for those that feel no hope is left. Your blog is a blessing for everyone! Stay strong- I love you dearly!!!!
I am coming to visit soon- early June is the plan.
Love always, Jessica