Sunday, May 18, 2008

Night Shift

Bobby’s job was prolonged, which is a great thing! Unfortunately, he had to go to night shift to do it. While everyone else received their official & final kiss-off notes, we will be wondering when he will get his & if he will have as much notification time as the others. But for now, we are happy he was offered this “extension” which helps my situation. Sarah misses her Daddy though. She misses watching Funny Home Videos with him & trips to the cottage. I think she even misses him picking on her like a big brother would. She is also worried he'll get into a car accident and she won't know because she'll be sleeping. I don’t have the energy to do things with her I’d normally do, which makes Dad’s screwed up schedule (and working Saturday & Sundays) feel like a double whammy for her.

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Beth said...

Hey Carol,
My offer still stands if you ever need anything Just call. I could take Sarah and we could go have a girls day. I wish I could talk to you in person! I am still praying for all of you....
Love always,