Monday, June 9, 2008

Hell No, It Won't Go

Clot does not seem to have improved. It is blocking totally. Located in the right sub clavicle artery. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I go in and they will try to remove at least some of the blockage so there is some kind of flow. Currently there is “no flow” at all. I imagine having a flow would be better for my treatments……

I swear. I do way too much research.
Upon searching for a picture of the sub clavicle (so we can have a better understanding of why my whole arm is swollen) I found some very interesting information pertaining directly to me. Finding this information makes certain symptoms I had a few weeks ago VERY clear to me. And pretty much ticks me off. Why didn't the doctor pick up on it? I know they can’t know everything all the time. But if you only deal with chemo through ports etc, in this particular artery, which is quite normal, then the symptom of marbles under the arm pit and growing larger causing discomfort and pain, should be a clear sign something is wrong. At least one would think so. I had and reported that symptom before my arm swelled & they found the clot…..

(( the following is from

"Lymphatic capillaries converge to form lymph vessels that ultimately return lymph fluid back to the circulatory system via the subclavian vein. The presence of one-way valves in the lymph vessels ensures unidirectional flow of lymph fluid toward the subclavian vein.
If excess fluid cannot be returned to the blood stream then interstitial fluid builds up, leading to swelling of the tissues with fluid, this is called edema."


So… I imagine my lymph nodes were backing up before the arm swelling began. And this could mean I now have lymph-edema in BOTH arms now?

I’m thinking I’m glad I switched doctors last week. This one is taking more aggressive action.

With this picture, you can see the sub clav artery (#11) supplies quite a bit to the arm & it makes sense why it is so swollen.....

In any event, I go in Tuesday morning. See how much they can get hopefully without my now thined out blood spirting around too much.

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See, you are already doing it! You will be helping people with the knowledge of your research and the experience you're gaining going through this S#*# - It is simply what you do. Love and prayers and TONS of respect and admiration.