Wednesday, June 11, 2008

yesterday's minor surgery

I didn’t have to spend the night in the hospital. It seems the vein had collapsed & clotted, but they were able to do Angioplasty and remove the clot. Though I have to say, fear creeps in when I feel the same old feeling of pain in that same area. I’m trying to stay positive.

And no, I didn’t have a gusher & spurt all over (not while I was coherent anyway) but I did ooze quite a bit afterward out of the dressing…. Ick.

○ Anyone else have angioplasty?
○ Did it go well with no further surgeries needed?
○ or did you have to go back for a stint?
○ or anything else?
○ Redi Whip?

Speaking or Redi Whip....
the male nurse was telling me how different people act differently on the injection he gave me... some fight it & stay awake, some fall asleep, some jibber jabber & while he may repeat parts of what he hears, he NEVER reveils the source. He did tell me one funny story. (which I'd love to repeat, but it isn't mine to tell) But it didn't occur to me till I was on my way home, holy crap, was he trying to tell me I felt care free and maybe said something I shouldn't have?!?!
((maybe that story IS MINE to tell?!?!))

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