Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh hell... (( 8:00 pm ))

Now our faithful, sweet, handsome fella, Sammy is sick. Pretty dang sick. He wouldn’t eat even hamburger, or play with a rock.

He’s become somewhat lethargic, tail way way down, moving super slow when I can get him up, throwing up all over… some runs… drooling like no tomorrow, like shoe strings hanging from his mouth. And he’s not a drooler.

Mom was great, she acted fast & came to take him to the vet right away. Sarah went with so she could comfort hem. They came back with 2 bottles of pills. 2 pills twice a day of one, and the other 3 time a day. Plus pepto bismal 4 times a day. Vet gave him a shot for his fever & antibiotic, said water in small doses but more often. He was drooling, I gave him 5 laps of water. Was about to try to get the first pill down 15 minutes later and Sam barfed more then he drank.
Vet said too early to tell, (he is bloated) could be anything from kidney stone to.... cancer.
Sarah asked me…. “mommy? Is HE gonna die?”

Vet wants to see him back tomorrow. Not Thursday. Tomorrow (when I get my "gone all day" treatment.)

Poor guy can’t tell us what’s wrong. But you can tell, what ever this is, it is hitting him really hard.
This little angel could use some prayers too.

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C. said...

Good Lord, what next.
Keep us posted on how the little guy is doing.
I think this is some sort of bad pet week. Puff also had to make a trip to the emergency vet when he went into a diabetic coma. He's ok now though.