Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sammy update

After a few trips to the vet (thanks for taking him mom), blood tests, x-rays, and a special diet with a feeding schedule, Sammy is better. We got him through some kind of pancreatitis shock thing, now we have to keep him on a special diet. Sarah and I brought a mattress down to camped out in the front room with him. He was so weak, he could barely walk. Getting upstairs was completely out of the question. We had to bring him his food & water & help him get up to get him outside to pee. He had lots of pills. So did I! I was having one hell of a time trying to keep them straight! I had pills 8 times a day, he had 5 times a day… I was worried I’d take one of his by accident or give him one of mine! Poor guy, one night he just laid there and moaned all night in pain. Finally after near a week, he pooped & we were all hootin’ and hollerin’ & clapping for him. He had a look in his eyes like he thought we were complete idiots, but waged his tail in recognition anyway.

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