Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sarah's summer sucks a little less

Thanks again to mom,
Sarah’s summer had a little boost from the normal sitting around in the house doing nothing…. She had horse lessons. Not only did she get to ride, but learned everything you need to do before you get on. Getting them out of the stall, cleaning brushing before and after, how to put on the saddle… way cool. And I think she really enjoyed it. What little girl doesn’t like horses?

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gayle said...

Sarah - Auntie Gayle here. LOVE that you are riding horses. Still have the pics of you and Audrey on the horse at the farm - remember? You look like a real natural. Reminds me of your mom and me - we were horse crazy - ask her about the guys who "did Wheelies" on the horses - good story! you will get a kick out of it - swear! I am sorry not to be there, but I am soooo afraid of getting your mom sick 'cause Audrey is in daycamp. Sniffles almost every day, and two fevers so far - missed worked because of it, but that is no serious matter. Working moms miss work when children get sick, but I do not want your mom to suffer, or you and all of us who love her! I believe you are a stong, healthy, amazing young women, and I am here for anything you may ever need, and that includes the times you steal the car when you are only 14 and your mom wants to pulverize you - I will simply remind her of her misdeeds at that age, and all will be fine! I love you so very much - Have since before you were born. you are not just a miracle child, you are a miracle! love you! Auntie Gayle