Tuesday, April 22, 2008

change of one med

Went in for my blood test Friday 18th and talked to the Oncologist. Don’t know how test came out… This place isn’t big on sharing the information in my folder. In fact, they GUARD the file like many other doctors’ offices do. I just don’t understand, if it’s YOUR file, your information, you paid for… what is the big secrete? At University of Chicago, they not only show you, they have copies ready for you, of everything. They don’t use the front folder flap to cover your reports if they see you are trying to glance over at it.

After telling the Oncologist how paralyzed I was the first week & how good for nothing I still was the 2nd week, he decided to try this week’s treatment without the Neulasta (which is the drug that forces your body to produce white blood cells to fight any potential infections). I’m happy that I may not have as much pain & trouble I had the last time, but I am extremely fearful of the potential for infection of any kind. From a cut, from food that may not be perfectly “kosher”, a cold… This is the time of year our allergies kick in and I more often then not end up with bronchitis or pneumonia. The ramifications of that are now frightening.
Next treatment – This Friday 25th.


Anonymous said...

Our Love and prayers are with you all. - Bobby - words are not enough. Not for anything you all are going through.
All our love and prayers,
gayle and family

Anonymous said...

I and many others will be there in spirit with you on Friday for sure.

Along with the physical suffering you sort of touched on the one that struck me the hardest and that was a feeling of loneliness. That's what I remembered the most the day before heading to the hospital. The why me syndrome.?

It wasn't till much later that I realized that I wasn't alone. Nope. Not for a second. I may have been the one going through the procedure, but there were some genuine, heartfelt, REAL people out there going through every step of the procedure with me. Let alone God himself never left me. Oh, I had my questions for him and but I never felt like he left me.

You will not be alone and come Friday Carol, trust the UNKS.

God Bless
Love ya in Christ.
and Keep us updated.

Carol said...

I came pretty close, the first week of saying, if it's going to be like this for 6 months, forget it. I can't take this for that long. I still didn't ask "why me", however, I DID fail to pray during the really really rough spots, and failed to continue to apply what I am learning from all of this. I imagine that's when there was one set of footprints in the sand & he was carrying me.
I know there are so many in my corner talking to the Big Guy for me, picking up that slack when I fall.
Lonely? I don't know. Maybe.
Scared? hell yes! of so many things.

Thank you for sticking with me UNKS!
Thank you to your Army too!