Thursday, April 3, 2008


Since Sunday, Sarah has been sick. Throat so sore she’d rather drool then attempt to swallow with a fever of 102 and the kind of earache that makes you not want to lay down even when you are exhausted… She’s been whimpering from the pain and shivering uncontrollably at nigh from the fever spiking (even on slightly higher dose of Advil) and we’ve been up for a good 4-5 hours during the last couple nights.

My left arm has been out of commission, but improving, then I had surgery on the RIGHT side to install a “medi port” under the skin directly into some big vein near the heart. I am, unable to do much movement with either arm…. Can’t dress myself well… tired from the last two sleepless nights trying to be a mom (which I wouldn’t trade for anything. Taking care of my daughter carries the highest reward & satisfaction I could ever ask for.)

Still in my pajamas, hair a total mess there’s a knock on the door…. And oh - my - GOD it’s two of my co-workers from Catalyst Exhibits. Allison & Kelly (Ken, check my spelling on one of these here!) Bearing Gifts. Everyone pooled together, checked on a special diet for Chemo patients, and had a couple weeks worth of food made up. They delivered it personally. And DAMN it smells good! I cannot tell you, how much this HELPS! In so many ways. It saves me from having to go to the store & lift things (you know, they don’t ask “Need help outside Maam?” when you actually really DO need help), it saves my husband from going, it saves us from cooking and cleaning afterward, and it really helps on the money front as well! There were also a wad of gift cards to a restaurant. The stack was quite large, I thought it was a deck of playing cards at first! I am humbled and very very thankful for what you have all done.

I noticed from day one of working at
Catalyst Exhibits, It's completely different. Everyone there is so much more then you’d expect. It’s truly like a family. A normal, fun at times, odd at times, family. I’ve never before seen anyone in a high stress high position that still really cares about the employees and takes the time to TELL you AND SHOW you. But they do. They are unlike anything you’d ever expect. Real. Human. Compassionate.

They don’t hide when a situation arises.
THEY RISE TO the occasion.
I can’t THANK YOU enough everyone at
And I can’t wait to come back!

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