Tuesday, April 22, 2008

music can change, when we change....

After the first chemo treatment, for the first few days I felt absolutely horrid.
All I could think of was Metallica’s "ONE "...
“…. Oh God please wake me…”
I didn’t want to, it just kept popping in there all by itself. Though I’m not a solder, I kept wishing this was all a bad nightmare and wanted to wake up.
Heading into my next treatment this Friday, I keep telling myself, HANG TOUGH.
For years, that song had me head banging in the car with the rest of ‘em,
But most recently it made me cry. Now it holds inspiration.
Listen here... Tesla - Hang Tough - Free FM
Watch it here... Tesla You Tube
Took a shot to the chin
Looks like you just can't win
In this do or die situation
And it's harder than it seems
To survive, keep alive and make your dreams,
Make your dreams all come true
But you can't let it bring ya down
If you should stumble, if you should fall
Pick yourself up off the floor
Fight for what's right and stand your ground
You gotta give it your best shot
Give it ev'rything you got
Oh, you gotta hang tough
Hang tough
When the goin' gets rough
Hang tough
You got to give it all you've got
Hang tough
Keep your head above the ground
Don't you let it get you down
Oh, you gotta hang tough
Again, thanks boys.

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