Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rads & Revelation

I have begun radiation. (The hip term on-line is "Rads") 5 days a week for 7 weeks. 7 down - 26 to go. I think today I'll try to get some pictures off for ya'll. You lay on this table similar to what's hiding in the basement of hospitals in the morgue, where you are pulled out & pushed in. Only you don't get locked up behind a door. You get pushed toward an interesting robotic like machine with arms that swirl around you while you are watching a reflection of yourself with a grid of green lazers on your body. Almost like something from "The Matrix"with Keanu Reeves or "War Games" with a young Matthew Broderick. Right when the machine starts making noise a handly red warnnig light goes off and starts flashing, reminding everyone else to get the hell out of there should they have wondered in, I guess.

I’ll be heading into a Lymphedema Clinic as well, which is supposed to be an every day thing too. Yee haw. While all this driving around is a headache and a costly gas guzzler, it is certainly not as bad as chemotherapy. Sure, there are side effects, but at this point, I’m just happy chemo is over.

I did have a revelation the other day….
As I was waiting for my GYN/Surgeon doctor to come to the room for my 2 week follow up to my recent surgery, I realized HOLY COW I need to start shaving my legs again! I haven’t needed to shave my legs in 5 months. That’s certainly all I’ll miss. Of all times to realize it though. At the doctor’s office.

We've all seen the e-mail joke that's about 15 years old of the woman that went to her GYN sporting glitter from the bathroom washcloth.... I'm sure some of you have comments about experiences like this. Lets HEAR 'em!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from ya. Glad you're only going through the thing that costs Gas and the crap you hated the most is over.
Prayer Warriors asked about you last night.
and GB.
Love ya in Christ

Carol said...

What are you doing up at 3:30 in the MORNING?! (I was up for the 3rd time peeing, but not on-line. ha ha ha)
I thank the Prayer Warriors from the depths of my heart & soul!

Ice Angel said...

All I've got at the top of my head really in terms of doctor's office embarrasing situation is this:

When Peyton was a brand new baby, I was one of those hysterical mothers who ran to the doctor for everything. One time in the ER (I say one time because there were so many!) Peyton decided to take the biggest dump of his life. I realized I was out of cloths, so I grabbed the container of cloths in the doctor's office figuring, oh these will work great-since they're sterile and all.

As I'm finishing up 2 nurses came in and saw what I was doing and freaked out. They said-you didn't use those on the baby did you??? On the side of the container there was a picture of a baby with a circle around it and a line through it like: NO BABIES. They were like-what do you think this means???

I was so humiliated and scared that I was burning him or something I started crying. Well-turned out it was nothing to panic about, but I felt really stupid and the nurses didn't help much.

Glad you are feeling better and do us all a favor and shave those hairly legs woman! LOL!!!

Mary Mac

soulMerlin said...

oh...I rather like hairy legs Mary

ps: it's all Susie's fault (me being here that is)

Carol said...

Henry / Mary:
We’ll blame Sue then when I keep my legs hairy an couple extra days in your honor Henry. (and next time I shave them it will be for Mary) hee hee