Friday, September 5, 2008

Visited the Radiation Oncology office again.
Silly me, I thought I’d go in, they’d tattoo me up & I’d start treatment tomorrow.
Doesn’t work that way.
Wednesday, took CT scans using lasers located in 3 different places of the room. They marked me in a couple places for the potential areas of radiation, which is merely the first phase of the “planning process”. A nuclear physicist has to look at the scans etc, make more plans etc…. then I go back and they match me to the scans and the plans. I THINK I get the tattoos then. (yes, just got the call. I go in Monday to confirm markings & get tattooed. Tuesday I begin radiation.)
They call it…. “3D Radiation”
Scary things from radiation…. lowered immune system (again)
Boob swelling, or shrinkage…. I can handle that. But it can also cause lymphedema in my bad arm, and it can cause a condition in which the lungs swell & it acts like pneumonia, but must be treated differently. It can happen right away or 10 YEARS down the line. wow.


Chris said...

We're always pullin' for ya C, hope things get better.

Love You

Anonymous said...

Carol its your dad. I finally figured out that this might be the way to be in touch with you. I did leave a note in your storm door with some info that I hope you see when your ready. I believe it's the begining of on going good....

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol it's Dad again. That one efin nurse you had who wouldnt see warnings to pt's health s/b beaten before forgivin. I am proud of your attitude getting you through this! I hope your contact will be personell soon. Hows Bobby & Sarah??

Anonymous said...

Hi Baby me again(Dad) hope you dont mind me identifing myself this way..I do hope somehow you r feeling better ! I had a recelection of the last time we were together when I dropped you and your mother off in front of the train station, before I could get out of the car to give you a proper hug you had grabbed my head with both hands and gave me a big ol smack on the side of my lips! Which then reminded me when of an earlier time. We all were visiting your Nana (my Mom) and I was sleeping on the couch and as was the wisdom of your Mom she told you to wake me up (cause she knew I liked it when you did it) and you weren't even two and I rember it cause they took a pic of it and it is one of my favorite brought your face to mine and just louder than a whisper said: "Daddy,wake up we've got to go home."Like a big girl, then. Talk to God, Carol. then 'let go' and listen & LOVE. I'll b backI Love U, ~C~

soulMerlin said...

I think Musical Tribut Through Art is a beautiful description of soul-to-soul, and the woman behind it (I once described her as a mixture of Susie Quatro and Joan Jett (and I was pretty close)

When I say I am enjoying reading your posts, please don't misunderstand's just that you're so positive, it's life affirming and life winning...and I'm smiling.