Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She’s Out Ta Get Me

Long Version:
Made it through surgery, even though the know-it-all anesthesiologist has it in for me. I don’t think it’s just me. I think it could be any cancer patient. Freud may say “she is disgruntled and harboring inner bitterness at anyone with a case of cancer she may perceive as more severe then her own, thereby making herself feel inferior to others. To counteract that, she demonstrates her own power of authority by doing what she wants even if she knows it is incorrect or detrimental to someone else to make herself feel superior.” – She volunteered the information that she decided to stage herself at a stage 3 (because she had 4 lymph nodes removed not just 3…) yet she didn’t take into consideration all the other factors of the staging scale, like the type of cancer, aggressiveness of the cancer, how far from the tumor the cancer spread, if at all (which she said hers didn’t)…. She just decided to stage cancer by herself not giving any consideration that doctors that handle this all the time and know how to follow a chart of staging. So she staged herself. Now, the difference between her and me that I know is, she had 4 nodes out. I had 30. There are approximately 20-30 nodes under the arm. Lymphedema is a huge factor for me. For her, not as much. Basically, I have none left. She is missing 4 and still has some in there that should be able to perform their job (however she IS still at risk). First rule of thumb when lymph nodes are removed = No Blood Pressure or Needles. Ever. (unless you get into like a car accident and rip your other arm off, then it’s ok. And I hope you remembered to put on clean undies like momma always told us.)
All that information, though boring it may have been to read, is important so you can understand why this woman makes me extra 1st time out with this anesthesiologist, disregarding the pink limb precaution hospital issued bracelet, she absolutely insisted the IV must go in my left arm. Saying, oh well…. It just isn’t working anywhere else, after stabbing my other hand & my foot/ankle 5 times each and not getting anywhere with the IV needle. Everyone else only stabs twice & calls for someone else to try. She says it must go in my bad arm. She promised she would remove the IV soon as the surgery was over. Which she didn’t do. She left it there, never showed up again, and I had to ask the nurse to take it out sooner then when I’m leaving. )A week later, my arm began to swell slightly. Not hugely noticeable but I felt it in my wrist (& when I put my wedding rings on) and in my upper arm, which is quite irritating to the skin. This will never go away. I have “bingo wings” forever. Any other medical personnel when told this story, their eyes bug out of their heads and yell at me “they CAN’T DO that!” and I say, “but she did”. “But she CAN’T”. Everyone seems to know this but her. This time around…. She is prepping me for her part of the surgery, tying me down to the arm rest thingies attached to the operating table. As I feel the tightening, which seemed unusually tight, I look over and see she’s finished putting the BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF on my LEFT ARM – WITH THE BRIGHT NEON PINK WARNING BRACELET clearly on only 12” away! Her back was to me and she was getting ready to turn flip the on switch when I had to tell her loudly “WHOA WOAH WOAH!!!! NOT THAT ARM!!!!! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!” She quietly and matter of fact-ly in an annoyed tone with the little-miss-know-it-all-fashion (which seemed more like a ‘damn you caught me!’ kind of thing) “What? oh, I just noticed that”. DUH!!!!!! That thing inflates like every 5-10 minutes. This is a HUGE mistake which would have had seriously damaging effects. “Oh. I just noticed that.” What the hell? It sounded like a really out of place, unnecessary bad line from a move. As a hospital employee, wouldn’t the first thing you look for is the bracelets placed on the patient as part of YOUR REGULAR Warning PROCEDURE? Make a point to look at the bracelets? It’s obvious when they are on. They are such a bright neon color. Does this stand out?! You CAN’T miss them. It’s a damn good thing I noticed it! Or I’d be looking like this soon.....

She also ordered a shot for me that I’ve never had for a surgery in my life. And I’ve had quite a few surgeries. Something that “makes your mouth dry” said the nurse. I asked if I really actually NEEDED it, I’d never had one before, and I’ve actually been battling a slight dehydration, which I was just finally starting to get over. She said the anesthesiologist ordered it, it dries you up because the anesthetic can make you moist, and quickly gave it to me in my arm… Obviously, no medication actually targets a place like “just your mouth”. Instead, it goes through your entire body. Thus causing not only my mouth to be super dry (and we’re 8 days out now) but my tongue & gums to be super sensitive, plus my insides hurt again like they did only a week after a chemo treatment. And I was FINALLY feeling better. I was really hoping I could hang on to that good feeling for a while before radiation starts (which I’ve been told also has adverse affects on how you feel, not as awful as chemo, but crappy just the same.) But NOoooooo. Thanks-a-lot… Dumb Ass. Damn it.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't there anyone there that you can talk to and basically COMPLAIN?
Seriously the Unks asks.
I mean I picture Inna going through this and someones tush is getting kicked. I will be confronting someone. I GUARANTEE it.
You are not there for them. They are there for YOU.

Love ya in Christ.