Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo yesterday

Took a couple of photos yesterday at radiation. I have no clue why I'm smiling. It just doesn't seem like a smiling situation, but these technicians are a gentle and fun bunch.

They play music to help entertain you while you're in there by yourself.... You have to hold still, so you can't tap your toe, but you can smile. And HEY, who wouldn't tap or smile when you hear the BeeGee's that you haven't heard in ages?


soulMerlin said...

I don't think I will ever forget Staying Alive and John Travolta walking down the street - I'm old enough to be in my thirtys when the film came out - and then lots of guys started buying white suits.

:) henry

Carol said...

Ah, Ah Ah Ah the memories…. Leisure Suits. polyester. Bell bottoms. Men’s high heals……
(Was that “Huggy” on Starsky & Hutch that had glass platforms with gold fish in them?)