Thursday, October 16, 2008

October / Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I know we are all actually aware of breast cancer.
But what I never realized is it is a cancer like other cancers.
I thought it was just in the breast. You get it taken out or the breast off and you are done with it. However that is not the case. It can spread. It spreads to your lungs or brain which is a natural pathway through the lymph nodes and how they drain. It travels into the bones or to any distant organ in the body. One that is necessary to be alive. There are also different types of it, different receptors etc. Some are cured, if you are lucky, after enduring grueling and punishing treatments. Many are not.

This Saturday, on Lifetime Network (I don’t usually watch Lifetime) is a movie based on Dr. Dennis Slamon (portrayed by Harry Connick, Jr.) detailing his hand in the development of the drug Herceptin. This is the drug they use on breast cancer patients that are HER2/NEU positive. Not long ago, being HER2/NEU positive was a hopeless death sentence. I’m 0.2 points away from being positive for HER2/NEU, so currently I won’t be receiving this drug. Today, doctors actually consider it a good thing to be positive because this drug WORKS. Anyway, the movie, “Living Proof” showcases the difficulties in getting this drug passed for a clinical trail, and the struggles of the first women to take it. The cast is an interesting out of the ordinary mixture and could prove to be quite powerful, among them Bernadette Peters, Amy Madigan, Regina King, and who doesn’t love Jennifer Coolidge or Swoozie. (At times Swoozie looked a lot like MY MOM).

"LIVING PROOF" - 8 pm / Saturday October 18th.

My next posts I hope to share pictures of radiation effects (burns) to explain how that is all going, and share what I've learned about lymph nodes & lymphedemia.



soulMerlin said...

I am grateful you're sharing this.


Robin Easton said...

You are a brave woman with a BIG heart and very beautiful spirit. I will keep you in my loving thoughts and prayers. You are not alone.

Sharing this will help other woman also feel less alone. Thank you, Robin

PS I write a nature and philosophical blog. SoulMerlin let me know about you. I'm glad he did.

Carol said...

wow, thanks!

Carol said...

Most of the time, I don’t feel brave. But there are times I have an eerie calmness because I know my daughter knows I love her and that when I go, I will still be with her watching all the time even when she goes on dates just in a different form (we laugh about that) and she knows that I know she loves me too. Still working on the husband.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS & PRAYERS. Can’t go wrong with prayers.
I will visit your blog soon as I’m done on this one!