Thursday, October 30, 2008

Radiation is finished
Yesterday at my Oncologist appointment, I informed him of the pains I’d been having not only with “the girls”, but in my neck & head as well. (I’d told the other doctor & his nurse about it, but they kept telling me, “it’s just a healing process”. I’d had many surgeries, I feel I know the difference between healing feelings and the pains I’d had prior to diagnosis. I in fact am having the healing pains along with the others.) So when I told my Oncologist of these recurring pains that they were gone all through chemo but came back 3 weeks ago, he took me seriously. He ordered a slew of scans including a PET (soft tissue) neck & brain scan (which had not previously been done). Oddly enough, our insurance company covers that test in all states but 2. Ours (Illinois) being one of them. The doctor’s assistant called me and said she is fighting them on it because federal law says they have to cover it. They don’t want to cover the bone scan because I’m too young, how can I possibly be post-menopausal? Uh, Duh, you guys paid for the surgery that put me in post menopausal state permanently. She’s fighting that one too. The bone scan needs to be done because the inhibitor medication I’m on now accelerates osteoporosis. We’ll see what happens with those two, but in the mean time, I’ll be having the other scans on 11/18. MRI & CT. Hopefully by then, the feeling like I’d just had chemo again and my entire body is in pain and relentless fatigue, which returned the last couple days, will go away.


gayle said...

Carol, honey, I wish I could be of some use to you, but I am at a complete loss as to how.I LOVE you, I love your family, I AM praying for you ALL, daily. I watched part of that movie - Audrey had a severe alergic reaction to shrimp - could have lost her - ALL IS WELL NO WORRIES, AND NO SHELL FISH - so I was extraordinarily tired, and fell asleep - woke up to the end - still cried - I can read between the script- I agree - Lenni always did look like Swoosie, But I think she looks younger than Swoosie now - If only there were REAL gentlemen in the world, you would never half to worry about which arm to use to open a door - it would be done for you. If I could carry this burden for you, It would be done for you as well, easy to say, 'cause it can't be done, but I truly wish this burden had fallen on me, instead of you. I LOVE YOU ALL - -g-

gayle said...

oops it is have to worry, not half! long day - nothing like yours I am sure - LOVE and Prayers!