Thursday, October 30, 2008

Living Proof
I watched “Living Proof” on LMN about the doctor and his development of the cancer drug Herceptin, with my mother. Swoosie made me cry when she displayed a torturous agony of desperation while BEGGING the doctor to help her daughter. He knew the drug worked on the daughter. She knew the drug worked. But the funding entity did not allow room for continued treatment for her in the next phase of the study. You could feel the distress and misery of a mother, desperately wanting to save her daughter. Of course I was teary eyed when Bernadette received her good news that she was cured. But it wasn’t easy watching as time went by those treatment chairs become empty from the deaths occurring.
While the movie did illustrate difficulties in getting a good drug pushed through the system, I don’t think it quite captured the severity and true nature of what the doctor really goes through to get it done.

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