Friday, October 31, 2008

More Tips to Avoid Lymphedema:
Activity / Lifestyle

· Gradually build up duration and intensity of any activity or exercise.
· Take frequent rest periods during activity to allow for limb recovery.
· Monitor the extremity during and after activity for any change in size, shape, tissue texture, soreness, heaviness or firmness.
· Maintain optimal weight (uh, ok)

· Avoid extremes of temperature
· Extreme cold can be associated with rebound swelling or chapping of skin.
· Avoid prolonged exposure to heat, particularly hot tubs and saunas (less then 10-15 minutes)
· Avoid submersing limb in water temperatures above 102°F

· Avoid limb constriction
· If possible, avoid having blood pressure taken on the at risk arm
· Wear loose fitting jewelry and clothing

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