Monday, August 25, 2008

moving forward - surgery

A week past what could have been another treatment therefore I’ve had the extra week to heal.
I have been feeling better. My sense of taste has improved but my muscles feel like I haven’t used them in years. Which I have. I didn’t make myself bedridden. But that is the nature of the beast. Affecting muscles among other things. My insides still feel… swollen & burning.

I’ll be meeting w/ radiation oncologist August 26th to find out when that will begin.

Surgery is on August 27th . He’s going to try to go in laparoscopicly, but warned if he has trouble, like the parts coming out may be too large, or he is concerned he might accidentally sever a kidney exit tubie thing, or an intestine, he will then slice me open. I am praying he is precise and exceptionally skilled to be able to do it laparoscopicly and I can go home the same day. I just don’t want to spend 1-4 nights in the hospital with my daughter’s substantial separation anxiety. (Add that to her throwy uppy list.)


gayle said...

WAIT!! I just got this at 8:23 AM on the 27th!!! OK - Real serious prayers going out immediately for you and everyone in contact with you and involved in the surgery - LOVE YOU ALL - Praying especially that no stay is needed - throwy uppy things need not continue for Sarah, or you, or anyone waiting to hear!! Love and prayers, gayle

gayle said...

SO, I don't mean to bitch, or be a bitch, but this is the truth, I feel like I am still sitting in the waiting room at the hospital desperate to hear from the doctor that the surgery was.....? I am going crazy - this is not good, since I have a HUGE head start!PLEASE EMAIL,CALL, SOMETHING!!!!!!!! I am not as strong as you are, so waiting to hear about your surgery might just send me over the edge - HA! you thought I went over YEARS ago! CLOSE, but no cupie doll, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! send word, I am sending prayers, Honest, I am not our shopping! love you, gayle

Carol said...

I'm alive.
I'm alive.