Thursday, August 21, 2008

What I’m learning---- From so many people….

So many family & friends praying & have my back ….

and So many strangers out there praying for me….

I carry a tremendous amount of guilt. Guilt of all the people that have sent me well wishes, prayers, cards, gift cards, food… Where the hell was I when YOU were going through a real rough time?

I always prayed for you. Always. But I never told you I was. And I SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU. I know now the difference it could have made. You knowing I cared about you. I have learned a great lesson from you. I am thankful for that.

I still get cards & prayer cards, and I still cry each and every time I read them. Part from reality hitting again, but mostly knowing that 8 months later, you have not forgotten me, still care, and still pray. When I feel low or alone, I turn to those cards, re-read them and remember you are there for me. And yes, I cry all over again.

To the people that don’t know me, but are praying for me…

You have humbled me further.

(I’m still scared, so please don’t stop.)


Anonymous said...

Carol Carol Carol.
I finally re read from front to back and I think I have a grasp on what you're going through.

SO WHAT'S NEW? Anything exciting going on in your life? Just curious. :)
You're right though. I had some dedicated folks keeping me in prayer while going through my "adventures" and it dawned on me, "What did I do for them" when they were under stress for whatever reason?"

Isn't "Oh I'll pray for you kind of the simple way out?" But it's as NORMAL as the Sun rising in the east.

While we're still part of this world living in the flesh we will stumble. Perfection comes when he comes for us but!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't mean we are to give up trying to do the best we can.

Keep the up dates flowing and you are right. MANY MANY folks out there you never met have you in their thoughts daily.
Even the UNKS here.
Love ya

Carol said...

Whats new? ha ha ha ha nice one. THANK YOU for supporting me on that. I did get a few e-mails from your chain, I haven't yet responded to them, but I did save the e-mails & am planning to respond when things slow a bit here.
I thank them!