Monday, August 25, 2008

wrong cat

I did have a 4 phase ct scan. The doctor reported everything looked good. Which was great news until, I brought up the fact that, they reported on the WRONG THINGS! They talked about the jugular instead of the subclavical looking for clots, the oncologist concurred and went to check it out himself. They didn’t mention the node in the right lung, or pick up on the microcalcifications in the left lung which I’d think should actually still be there since it wasn’t removed & it’s a “waste” like product of rapidly growing & dying cells…. I did get a call that there doesn't appear to be a clot in the subclavical. Which is good. I have yet to ask the doctor to check on the lungs issue (again cos I didn't get an anwer). It just doesn’t seem they were as thorough as they should be. Perhaps it was because it was on a Friday and the tech just wanted to get the heck home for the weekend? But that sure as hell doesn't help me or my doctors now does it.

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